Telephone Connection has support teams ready to solve your business’s issues at a moment’s notice. Each of our specialists is highly trained and provides quality customer support that is made to last. We are results-driven and want to help your company succeed.

We provide support for products from the following:

  • NEC
  • Nortel
  • Avaya
  • Zultys
  • Adtran
  • ESI

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IT Support

IT Service PBX Cable

Our IT specialists have worked hands-on with modern and aging technologies. They have seen many kinds of issues and are used to on-the-spot analysis and problem-solving. We know that businesses are all unique and have strengths and weaknesses. Our technicians can customize solutions that fulfill your needs without interfering with business.

Our IT support group provides the following services:

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Not all problems are completely clear, especially in the world of computers. Luckily, our IT professionals know the processes that can make these problems stand out. Troubleshooting requires trial-and-error experimentation that, when done without know-how, can corrupt systems and cause new complications. Let our experienced IT specialists reveal the issues safely and responsibly.

Once our IT specialists have located the problem and know what is causing it, they can offer you solutions custom-fit for your business. We will go over the root of the problem and make sure that whatever the next step is, you are comfortable taking it. We want your business to be in control of the repair and maintenance process so that your business can run smoothly even when it is down.

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On-the-Spot Fixes

Call (512) 451-6101, then select Option 1 for emergency service outside of business hours. Please be aware that this line is intended for emergencies only and should only be used when a high-risk problem must be solved immediately. Our technicians also provide on-site services during normal business hours.

Whether it be a network error or a troubled computer system, Telephone Connection has the knowledge and experience to properly address almost any issue. While your business continues to run, we can operate discreetly and overcome tough obstacles in little time with quality results.

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Quick Analysis

After explaining the problem and its solution, our IT experts can make recommendations to you. As experts in the field of information technology, we are deeply familiar with current and upcoming technology and can provide easy-to-understand explanations for our recommended hardware and software.

We will also get to know your business the more you call us. As Telephone Connection and your business build a relationship, we can offer more customized solutions that will keep your business worry-free for longer.

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Phone System Support

Phone Services With Cable

Telephone connection also values the power of telephone communication. We provide support for telephony, the telecom highway of your business, through our phone system specialists. Our specialists have also worked with a multitude of phone systems, have learned why complications arise and how to address them.

Our phone system support team offers these services:

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System Examination

For a phone system, finding problems can be especially challenging. Depending on whether your business uses a PBX or VoIP system, data about communications may or may not be readily available. Fortunately, our phone system experts are trained to identify common and uncommon problems among all types of phone systems.

The phone system support team is prepared to identify issues with minimal interference. We are dedicated to quick and thorough resolution, and our team will walk you through the problem areas so you know what to look for.

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Repair & Maintenance

Our support team is not only available to make fixes, but they can also inspect your phone systems to make sure that there are no problems on the rise. Telephone Connection's experts can quickly become familiar with your business network, spot areas of concern, and make them known to you so you can focus on the next step.

Also, when you call us in for maintenance, we will become more familiar with your system and can better diagnose and treat your network's issues if you decide to call on us again. The more we know about your phone system, the more efficiently and effectively we can help you.

Ubiquity and AdTran Support

Telephone Connection also offers full support for Ubiquity and AdTran products. If you’re having issues with your equipment or just need some advice, Telephone Connection is available to solve your problem or help you find the solution.

Telephone Connection wants your communications systems up and running at all times.

Contact us today for more information or to get started repairing your telephone or computer systems. Don’t wait until it’s too late – let our expert eyes keep your business alive.