Telephone Connection understands the need to be mobile and offers wireless Internet (WiFi) solutions for businesses. Learn more about what WiFi can do for you and your business.

Why Install WiFi?

WiFi is now the standard in most home Internet networks and is making its way into businesses where cabling is difficult to install. Telephone Connection is familiar with the pros and cons of WiFi and can find a wireless Internet solution that fits you.

Today’s latest wireless protocol, 802.11ac is an upgrade from 802.11n. In optimal conditions, it runs up to 10 times faster than n connections. Run your business 10 times faster with one of our WiFi systems.

Adtran Wireless Access Point

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Wireless Internet comes with these advantages:

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Ease of Use

To begin using WiFi, a user needs to connect through their electronic device to the wireless network. Once a connection is established, most electronic devices can remember all of the information needed to connect.

WiFi's always-on connection allows work to always be on.

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Within the office, employees can take their work on the go. Whether they have meetings to attend or face-to-face brainstorming to accomplish, work that exists on devices connected to a WiFi network can be shared from anywhere in the office. Everything from presentations to data sheets can be moved within the wireless network range free from cables.

Wireless capability has also spread to the public sphere where employees can move their tasks from the workplace. WiFi is often available at many coffee shops and restaurants. Workers can be productive from anywhere as long as WiFi is available.

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The setup and maintenance costs of wireless networks are constantly becoming more affordable. WiFi services eliminate the cables and hubs of standard wired Internet systems. Also, most wireless equipment can be set up without the need for technicians, saving on labor costs.

In total, the savings from getting rid of wired devices almost completely cancels the costs of wireless routers and repeaters. Now is the time to take advantage of the convenience and affordability of WiFi.

AdTran Wireless

AdTran’s Bluesocket virtual wireless LAN gives your business the power of a virtual network. While most modern WiFi networks strain under the increasing need for bandwidth, AdTran’s products scale seamlessly no matter the size of your enterprise.

AdTran systems are cloud based and can be managed remotely. Virtual control frees your office space from the weight of unnecessary hardware and equipment. Take advantage of the improved reliability and always-on connection of AdTran Wireless.

AdTran Wireless Access Points

Ubiquiti Products


Ubiquiti has the answer to wireless Internet range problems, and Telephone Connection wants to bring it to you.

Ubiquiti specializes in professional grade wireless equipment for businesses looking to expand their connectivity. Their airFiber® and airMAX® wireless broadcast equipment expands on the range and speed of ordinary wireless routers to enable businesses to operate within the same network in spacious workplaces.

Their equipment is easily scalable to the size of your business and comes with cutting-edge management tools to keep you in control. They also offer advanced security for sensitive information backed by their support team.

Ask us how to get started with a WiFi network and learn more about ProCloud services.

We’re eager to help your business thrive in a world that expects instant results and constant mobility.