Information Technology (IT) is one of your company’s most valuable resources. Telephone Connection wants to keep your information flowing and your teams collaborating, so we implement high-performance, business-oriented IT services to companies small and large.

The following products are available through Telephone Connection:

AdTran Netvanta series routers

AdTran Routers, Switches, and Firewalls

AdTran provides a full line of powerful, business-class Routers and Ethernet switching solutions for all your network needs. Perfect for SMB and multi-site enterprise networks, NetVanta products address today’s networking priorities from bandwidth expansion and VoIP migration, to network security and WiFi.

The NetVanta portfolio includes multiservice, modular, and fixed-port access network routers. It also includes managed, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, Fiber and ActivReach switches with optional PoE with options that include 12, 24, and 48 ports. AdTran’s routers and switches offer the flexibility needed for single-site, multi-site or campus network deployments.

AdTran Wireless Access Points

AdTran Bluesocket Wireless Access Points

Blue Socket is a powerhouse in the enterprise WiFi space. They offer unbeatable speeds and the most intelligent and efficient Radio Frequency use in the industry. It is also fully compatible with the “AC” Wifi Gigabit Standard.

Blue Socket’s customized software allows management of all access points from a single interface that can be cloud based or on a local controller.

Setup is also a snap. AdTran Blue Socket equipment is made to plug and play. As soon as you add equipment, it is preconfigured to run immediately so your work never has to stop. The Smart Bandwidth feature splits your data capacity, or bandwidth, between access points and changes as your needs change.

Dell Switches

We also partner with Dell to provide a name-brand, trusted source of IT services and equipment. Dell has products that cover a broad range of business needs and are equipped to handle the workloads of the smallest startups to the largest corporations.

Dell has a variety of basic switches for creating networks that are perfect for keeping small businesses competitive. They are affordable and have the standard features needed for growing businesses to stay connected and thrive. Big businesses can benefit from high-capacity, high-performance 10 to 40 Gigabit Ethernet switches and can add or remove capacity to customize their equipment for specific needs.

Dell’s switch user interface is designed with the IT professional in mind. Options and tools are made available in a way that is intuitive to an IT expert and eliminates the learning curve for newcomers.

Dell switches are also ready to integrate into your network. If you have a network already set up and are looking to expand, Telephone Connection can install and implement your Dell products so you can continue operations worry-free.

IT Server Rack

IT Racks

All of your IT equipment needs to be housed and arranged. Keeping servers, switches, cables, and routers organized can be a mess if you don’t prepare. Telephone Connection’s IT racks help keep the clutter at bay and make sure you and your employees are safe in your work environment.

Racks should be dependable. One that is not prepared to house many different kinds of equipment or one that is built with low standards can cost you money in equipment replacement and repair as well as lost time. Choose a rack that will last for the life of your electronics and beyond.

Modern electronics run constantly and need housing that won’t interrupt their operation. Telephone Connection can help you choose what racks are right for your business and install them for you. We can also show you how to bring in new equipment as your business gets bigger.

Coiled Blue Ethernet Cable

Cable Management

Electronics also need power and data, and cables provide both. Even for small businesses, cables can quickly become a nightmare to manage. Telephone Connection has experts in cable management ready to clean house.

We will map out your cable network and find a cable management solution that fits your needs. We can organize cables so that IT professionals can easily manage them and walk you through what we’ve done to keep things clean.

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