Telephone Connection has the tools you need to make the most of your telecommunications systems.

What’s happening in your phone system can tell you a lot about how efficiently your business is running as well as how satisfied your customers are. At Telephone Connection, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your telecommunications, so we offer call reporting to help you monitor your business.

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What is call reporting?

Call reporting is a system of accountability for all business telecommunications. It allows communications managers to visualize incoming and outgoing call data from the start to the end of calls. This data includes information about things like transfer volume, hold times, and call abandonment rates that your company can use to evaluate performance.

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How does call reporting work?

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Every time a call is made or received within your company, call reporting begins recording information. This information is collected and recorded, then separated into different metrics depending on how they can be used. Those metrics are arranged into one of many pre-made report formats that can be custom fit to the needs and concerns of your business.

Whatever information that can be harnessed is recorded. How long calls take or how quickly they are answered as well as dropped calls and group call information is included in the tracking data. Your company can choose which data to prioritize and how it is displayed in order to visualize the impact of your employees and their telecommunications.

What can it do for me and my business?

Call reporting has a vast amount of applications. Information can be combined and shared to draw conclusions about things from the performance of your representatives to the impact of the company and its products and services on the public.

Employers use this data to rate employee effectiveness and manage staffing levels. It’s also used to support wall boards that act as real-time score cards on large monitors. It improves management visibility and drives individual accountability.

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Data can be used to improve customer support. By looking at how long calls made for customer support are taking, you can figure out how well your representatives are solving problems and how hard they are working to solve problems.

Information about transfers can tell you how well your employees know your business and the roles of its workers. You can see if customers have been kept on hold for long periods of time to determine their satisfaction and see where their calls are most often being routed to see what areas need a helping hand.

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Call reporting can also be channeled into productivity. You can look at what department is taking what calls and how long those calls last to make sure that simple communications aren't wasting time. If transfers are too numerous, you may need to consider reworking your telecom network to make reaching high-traffic departments easier for customers.

You can also watch how often calls are being dropped to identify problem areas within your network. Also, if dissatisfied customers are complaining about unanswered calls, you can discover where the disconnect may be.

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Tracking is also useful for businesses looking to expand. The information in the reports lets you know how often calls come in and how often they go out. Enterprises that want to grow can watch the volume of incoming calls from potential customers or partners interested in their goods and services.

By monitoring outgoing calls, you can view where current employees may be struggling with their workload. The success rate of inbound and outbound calls is also viewable by watching the length of time on each call. Depending on your business, you may want to keep calls short and sweet or long and detailed.

Xima Chronicall

Our partner, Xima, provides an all-purpose call reporting system called Chronicall. Chronicall’s software offers superior call data in a customizable, well-organized, easy-to-read form. It keeps a log of each incoming and outgoing call within your network from the time you pick up the phone to the second you hang it up.

The software is scalable to the size of your network. As your business grows, so does your call data. Licensing is per site, allowing you to start Chronicall at any size at a low price.

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If you want to find ways for call reporting to improve your business, let us know at Telephone Connection.

We have experts ready to help you figure out how call reporting can work for you.