You should not have to depend on another phone network to get your calls.

Having your own wireless system can help productivity by making sure your calls rarely drop. Cell phones can lose service if a tower is not in range. Go with wireless office phones and get rid of bad signals.

Wireless phone systems connect to hard landlines and allow your employees to use their mobile phones as well as any regular landlines on the same network. This gives your business better reliability by decreasing the amount of dropped calls because of bad cell service.

Worker Talking On Wireless PhoneAlso, wireless phone systems are very versatile. If you need to move your system, you can do so with ease. Take your wireless service on the road and get work done with a boosted phone service. The chance of missing phone calls decreases with a secure wireless phone network.

Telephone Connection offers three types of wireless phones. Before you choose which is right for your business, we sit down with you and go through the options to find the best fit.

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Spectralink 7540 DECT Phone

DECT Phones

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones are a radio-based technology that allows people to communicate. This technology is used within small businesses and homes, as DECT units work best within a smaller range.

DECT phones were originally developed prior to the growth of VoIP systems and digital PBX systems. Despite their age, DECT phones can be combined with VoIP and PBX tech to provide the most versatility in an ever-changing landscape.

Wi-Fi Communications

Looking to build your business over something a bit better than a landline? Wi-Fi communications may be your best bet. Telephone Connection has models for your business that get rid of regular phone lines and work solely off of your wireless internet. This combines all of your data and voice into one easy-to-manage package.

Wi-Fi Communication allows your phones to use VoIP and make calls via the internet. Also, your phones can send data and messages if they need to. Wi-Fi Communication can instantly switch between sending data and taking an important company call.

Spectralink Wifi Handsets

Proprietary Wireless Phone

Proprietary Wi-Fi Phones

If your company has an internal Wi-Fi that is not based on anything in the market, we can work with it. Our staff can provide the tools and the programming for your team to communicate via your business’s proprietary Wi-Fi systems.

Proprietary Wi-Fi offers a security not seen in publicly available Wi-Fi packages. You can safely conduct communications and share data securely over your own network. Anyone who may be trying to snoop will have a hard time breaking down your systems.

What is the Difference Between Wireless and Cordless?

Wireless office phones are not cordless phones. When a company like ours mentions that they do “wireless telephones,” most people think of cordless phones. Both do not have wires and can move around the house. While we do offer cordless phones through some of our retailers, a wireless phone is a different device.

Wireless phones function similarly to a wireless internet router. A wireless phone router handles all incoming and outgoing calls. To receive these calls, you connect a phone or device to the router. The router can then forward the calls to your device, allowing you to use your phone anywhere you want.

A cordless phone is just a phone without a cord. It must be close to the receiver to be usable. If it is out of range, it cannot be used.

While it works similarly to wireless phones, you cannot bundle up a cordless phone and take it anywhere with you. Wireless phones allow you the freedom to move where ever you want.

Also, cordless phones can only be with the phone systems they were packaged with. Wireless phone service can use cell phones as well as landlines. Cordless phones can be used with wireless units, but not the other way around. There are many benefits of cordless phones but true freedom is not one of them.

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