At Telephone Connection, we like to keep ourselves and our customers at the forefront of technological innovation. That’s why we offer business solutions that keep you ahead of the competition. Integrate a VoIP phone system into your business with Telephone Connection and take advantage of the ease of use, connectivity, and cost efficiency of Internet telephony.

Before the information age, phone calls were made by a network of copper wires operated and maintained by a public switched telephone network, or PSTN. Through a PSTN, voice communication is carried along a wire which is then manually connected to another wire that corresponds to the receiver of the call. Though it was once an advanced technology, the PSTN is now being replaced by a new family of technologies called VoIP.

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What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol (IP). It is a collection of technologies that allow multimedia communication over the Internet.This means that a VoIP system can not only make voice calls but can support media exchange such as video calling as well.

It can be used with devices that can access the internet such as computers and smartphones.

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What are the advantages of VoIP?

VoIP has three distinct characteristics that set VoIP phones apart from traditional phone systems:

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VoIP allows users to take their IP Phones or Virtual Phones anywhere, by simply using the internet to connect to centralized phone system. This centralized system can be located at the customer’s offices or a data center if subscribing to Hosted VoIP service. If customer owned and located at the customer's offices, or if hosted, it can live in the cloud. Common examples of portability are teleworkers, employees who travel, and remote offices.

VoIP technology makes geography seamless by connecting local and remote users tothe same phone system, allowing all employees to appear as though they under one roof for incoming and outgoing phone calls. Employer’s often use this technology to consolidate inbound calling across multiple locations and present published phone numbers for all out bound calling.

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VoIP phone systems save money by consolidating phone lines to a centralized phone system and eliminating long distance charges for inter-company phone calls.

They are also capable of sharing cable connections with PCs, reducing the expense and hassle sometimes associated with installing new business phones. Generally, VoIP phone systems are 50% less expensive to purchase and maintain than traditional phone systems.

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VoIP Phone Systems enable integration with PCs, mobile phones, and tablets, allowing these devices to operate as phones on the system.

This technology also allows the phone system to integrate with CRM systems such as Outlook and Salesforce CRM, improving employee efficiency and customer service. Other enhancements include the ability to video and instant message.

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What is a Cloud Based VoIP System?

Cloud Based phone systems are owned and operated by Hosted VoIP service providers and located in Data Centers. Customers who subscribe to Hosted VoIP service rent or purchase phones and use their local network and internet connection to connect to the Hosted provider.

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Communication now and in the future is headed to the cloud.

Telephone Connection is ready to prepare you for the future and keep you on the cutting edge once you’re there. We offer several solutions for your telecommunications needs and will continue to grow and maintain your communications network with our superior customer service. We’re also available 24/7 with support for any of our solutions.

If you’re looking for VoIP phone systems and need help setting it up and keeping it running, look no further than Telephone Connection.